Agriculture approves 7.3 million aid for the drought to be distributed among 3,400 dryland cereal farmers

These beneficiaries and these aids are those that have been definitively approved by Agriculture but there will be more. “These are the ones who have everything in order and without errors, but since there are ten days of allegations, it is very likely that the number of recipients will increase considerably although a figure cannot yet be given until we see those allegations,” it is reported to HOY from the department headed by Mercedes Morán.

As this newspaper reported last May, the call from the previous regional government contemplated that dryland cereal farmers could benefit from the distribution of 10 million. Producers must have at least more than 2 hectares of cereal. The amount of the subsidy to receive is redistributed depending on the land that has been put into cultivation in the last campaign. In this way, you will receive 100 euros per hectare if the available area does not exceed 20 euros. If you have between 20 and 50, you will receive 80 euros per hectare; between 50 and 100, 60 euros; between 100 and 150, 40 euros and between 150 and 200 hectares, 20 euros for each hectare.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette of Extremadura the announcement that makes public the provisional list of beneficiaries of direct aid to the winter cereals sector, contemplated in decree-law 3/2023 , May 17.

These are subsidies, of an extraordinary nature, intended to compensate for losses in the countryside due to the drought and the increase in production costs such as fuel, feed and other inputs. The Sectoral Aid Service of the General Directorate of Community Agrarian Policy is in charge of managing them and as established in the decree that regulates them, they are granted ex officio by resolution, says the Board.

In mid-May, the Socialist regional Executive approved new extraordinary aid for the Extremadura countryside due to the drought. 14.2 million in direct subsidies for dryland cereal producers, beekeepers, pig and horse farmers. Vara then promised that throughout July they would be deposited into his accounts. Throughout the month of July and early August, with the new PP-Vox coalition Government at the head of the Board, drought aid was paid to beekeepers and extensive Iberian pig and horse ranchers.

There were 1,819 recipients in total, who received 5,280,817.99 euros. Those from dryland grain farmers, as reported by Agriculture to this newspaper, would receive them later, throughout September. They have been left until last because the deadline for submitting applications expired later, on July 11.

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