Agriculture asks Planas to do his job and listen to the demands about the new CAP

The new Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Mercedes Morán, has asked the minister of the sector, Luis Planas, to “do his job” and listen to the demands of farmers and ranchers about the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Morán recalled that for several weeks he has been asking for a modification of the CAP that has to be done “hand in hand with the Ministry” in coordination with the autonomous communities. “They are the ones who have the power to prepare and modify the CAP Strategic Plan,” he explained.

The counselor has urged work on this modification, because it has been seen how in the first year of application of this new CAP, 25 percent of Spanish farmers and ranchers have not requested the eco-regimes, the green aid.

“That is a loss of funds, both for them and for the region,” he lamented, while emphasizing that “the Ministry has to work coordinating the autonomous communities, even if it is in office,” because “even if it is in office “The field doesn’t stop.”

Likewise, the counselor has assured that the Government of María Guardiola will be “always accompanying” the agricultural sector to “help and accompany them” in the face of the problems and challenges of farmers and ranchers.

An example of this, he detailed, is that since his arrival at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, numerous aids are being unlocked, many of which were stopped, so that they reach farmers and ranchers as soon as possible.

Visit to Ctaex

Mercedes Morán made these statements during a visit, this Monday, to the National Agri-Food Technology Center of Extremadura (Ctaex), which she said is a very necessary space in the region to “continue advancing in the development, modernization and modernization” of the sector. agri-food.

In this sense, he has stressed that research, innovation, technological development and training, among other aspects, are currently key elements for the modernization of the Extremaduran agricultural sector which, like all sectors, has to continue advancing and adapting to the current times. .

“Farmers and ranchers are becoming more professional and adapted to new technologies every day, but it is always necessary to continue advancing” to reduce costs, as well as make farms profitable, he concluded.

Requests to Planas

Morán, in his participation in the inauguration of the Castuera Sheep Show last week, stressed that it should be the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that makes an evaluation of the situation at the national level and coordinates the measures to be taken because « many of them are within their competence.

In his speech, Morán also pointed out that farmers and ranchers have “many demands” with the new CAP, since they cannot “bear the entire cost of environmental protection” and regretted that the demands of the Green Pact “affect productivity and profitability of the farms”, which is why this shift in the objectives of this policy is “necessary”.

“Reprioritizing the food security of European citizens must be the end” and to do so it is necessary to ensure the profitability of the farms that produce “in a sustainable way, constantly monitored by the rules of conditionality,” he stressed.

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