An unforgettable cinema hit and a moment to forget

La ira de Will Smith

It was so delirious that, at first, a good part of the attendees and those of us who watched the gala from our homes thought that it had been a failed gag – there had been so many…-. But not. It was real. The actor and comedian Chris Rock came out on stage at the Dolby Theater with the intention of making the guests laugh but things went poorly. First he addressed Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, warning the former that if Penélope didn’t win, it was better that he didn’t win. Bardem laughed out loud. Then he joked with Will Smith’s wife, and told her that she had a shaved head because she was going to do the second part of ‘Lieutenant O’Neil’, the film that Demi Moore starred in in the 90s in which she his head was at zero. The protagonist of ‘The Williams Method’ was laughing, but in the Academy video you can see how Jada Pinkett Smith is not in the least bit amused. And then they focus on Chris who only manages to say “Oh, oh”, while Will Smith approaches furiously and ends up punching him. Returning to his seat, Smith shouted, “Take my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” Rock, dissatisfied, did a lot with trying to get the gala back on track.

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