Apag Asaja charges against Vara: the former president accuses them of not demonstrating because “they are in the Government”

«Do you know why there will never be demonstrations for a long time? Because those who demonstrated are the Government. Who organized the demonstrations? Asaja. Who presides over the Ministry of Agriculture? Asaja. This is how the former president of the Extremadura Regional Government, Guillermo Fernández Vara, expressed himself at the Rafael Castilla awards in Llerena on October 26. These words began to be sent by audio on social networks until they reached Apag Extremadura Asaja, who this morning charged against him.

«It says that there will be no demonstrations because we govern the Ministry. Faced with these statements, we have shown our discomfort, because it is not the first time he has done it. And, of course, because it is a lie,” Juan Metidieri, president of Apag Extremadura Asaja, assures the newspaper HOY. «This time he went in Llerena, but already at the Plasencia rally, together with Pedro Sánchez, he said it himself. And all of his followers are repeating it on different radio programs.

Metidieri cannot “understand” it, because, according to him, with the problems that exist in the region, it makes no sense to be more concerned with “criticizing” whether an organization manifests itself or not.

Likewise, the president of Apag Extremadura Asaja reminds him that, since Guardiola joined the Board, “there have been no demonstrations by any agrarian organization. “None,” he said. And he invites you to review the newspaper archives and check how many demonstrations there were in 2015, when Vara entered the Government of the region.

«Obviously, we will hold demonstrations when necessary, since all we do is defend the field. When it comes time, we will be there, especially when the Government of the Junta de Extremadura does not listen and does not address the demands of the sector. Just as we have always done », he defends.

“He has left the countryside impoverished”

On the other hand, in a statement, Apag Extremadura Asaja has accused Vara of leaving the countryside “more impoverished and older” after his mandate. Not only that: he has also pointed out that the former president “lacks a lot of spirit, knowing how to be and, more importantly, knowing how to lose, and it is not acceptable to ‘shoot up’ organizations to seek pats among their followers and justify their failure to the public.” Extremadurans.

Likewise, he has stated that Vara “went as a coroner at night and continued in the morning as a senator, who is capable of resigning at night and resigning as soon as the day opens to his own resignation. And that he is the same one who came out of the trunk of Ferraz’s car when he defended that the PSOE could not agree with terrorists, nor with independentists or nationalists and then support the amnesty itself by paying homage to his superiors.

Finally, they demand that he rectify these demonstrations “immediately” and that he “stop skating looking for pats, since even the weather has changed for the better since he left power.”

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