Beneficiaries of direct aid for cherries published

The Official Gazette of Extremadura (DOE) has published the provisional list of beneficiaries of direct aid to the cherry sector, contemplated in Decree-Law 4/2023, of September 12.

This is a line of aid, with a total endowment of 9.4 million euros, intended for cherry producers in Extremadura, granted by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development of the Government of Extremadura.

According to the Board in a press release, these subsidies are part of the urgent measures published on September 15 to “reduce the tax burden borne by taxpayers”, where aid for foster care is expanded, aid for new self-employed workers and direct aid is granted to cherry producers.

Thus, it is worth noting that Chapter IV of the aforementioned decree establishes the procedure for directly granting aid to poor producers, whose instructing body is the Agricultural Production Service of the General Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock.

The provisional relationship with owners of agricultural holdings, the crop area, number of hectares computed, the amount to be received, as well as the incidents detected to proceed to correct them, can be consulted on the Board’s website.

From now on, holders will have a period of 10 business days, calculated from this Tuesday, to complete Annex III of authorizations necessary to resolve the file, as well as Annex II of bank account designation to receive payment of the amount. that could correspond to them.

Ten days deadline

As a supplement, for those holders who have submitted a Single Application for the 2023 financial year, and do not complete Annexes II and III, the equivalent authorizations and account number indicated in the single application will be taken as substitutes for those.

Within the same period of 10 business days, those who appear in the provisional list may also communicate their willingness to withdraw from the aid using the standardized form provided for in Annex I.

Likewise, people who do not appear on the list will be able to present allegations and provide the corresponding documentation.

A bad campaign

The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Cereza del Jerte, when it closed the 2023 campaign last July, assured that it was one of the “worst in the last 35 years” due to the intense rains that fell at the end of May and beginning of June . The rainfall began when the harvest had barely begun, causing the already ripe cherries to crack and rot due to excess moisture.

The DOP confirmed that 30% of the cherry and cherry harvest could be saved, which was expected to be between 35 and 40 million kilos. The economic losses amounted to 70 million euros, according to an estimate by the president of the Protected Designation of Origin, José Antonio Tierno. “It is a drama for the Jerte families,” he said.

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