Buenafuente and Silvia Abril: «We have a show body»

The presenters of the 33rd edition of the Goya gala, Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril, have pointed out on the red carpet that they feel like “salmons against the current” and that they still remember when it was “cool” to present the Goya.

Buenafuente has considered that it was journalists who invented that “presenting the Goya is a risky sport.”

“It’s an honor that they chose you to present the Goya, I was excited when they proposed it to me and that, that ability to get excited, is something that I don’t want to lose,” said the Catalan.

His partner in real life and today at the presentation of the gala pointed out: “we are like salmon that go against the current”, but he immediately pointed out that they are going to “fight against that inertia”, because if “that trend continues, within a year “Who comes, the place may be vacant.”

“We have a showbiz body,” said Buenafuente, while Abril acknowledged that he arrives with “just the right amount of nerves and full enthusiasm” to the stage of the Seville Congress Palace where the awards will be presented in a few hours.

Regarding “the core” of his speech, Buenafuente has stated that “everyone will do their reading,” but “we are not here to cause movie theaters not to be able to open tomorrow. Let’s laugh at ourselves a little,” he advised.

The comedian, also producer of the gala through El Terrat – which is in charge of the script and the television show for the fifth consecutive year – has highlighted Rosalía’s performance, “one of the few she will give in Spain this year: it has been “A great detail and it is very exciting.”

Silvia Abril has acknowledged that she keeps a clown nose as an amulet, while Buenafuente has said that her daughter who is watching the gala will give her luck today.

The presenter and comedian has highlighted “Carmen y Lola”, “Everyone knows it” and “The kingdom” among her favorites, while Buenafuente has valued that this year there is “some independent cinema that has taken center stage”, something that she considers “is very good, because movies that seemed small have become gigantic.

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