‘Buñuel in the Turtle Labyrinth’ is left out of the Oscar race

The Extremaduran filmBuñuel in the turtle labyrinth‘will not finally compete for the Oscars in the category of Best Animated Film. The five films nominated for the Hollywood Academy in this section they have been ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’, ‘Where is my body?’, ‘Toy Story 4’, ‘Mr. Link. The Lost Origin’ and ‘Klaus’, by Spanish director Sergio Pablos. The blockbuster ‘Frozen 2’ has been left out, one of the 32 candidates for the nominations along with the Extremaduran production directed by Salvador Simó.

In addition to the animated film by newcomer Sergio Pablos, this 92nd edition of the Oscars will have two more Spanish nominations. Is about ‘pain and glory‘, by Pedro Almodóvar, nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, will have to compete with titles such as the South Korean ‘Parasites’ or the French ‘Les Misérables’. Finally, Antonio Banderas He has achieved his first Oscar nomination for his role in Almodóvar’s film.

The delivery gala will be held on February 9 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

«The prize has been to get here»

The co-producer of the animated film ‘Buñuel in the Turtle Labyrinth’ José María Fernández de Vega He assures that for them “the prize has been getting this far” in reference to the candidacy for the American Film Awards Oscar nomination for best animated film.

Fernández de Vega confesses that “on the one hand we were excited about what” that nomination entailed, but “we knew that It was very difficult».

After learning that the film is finally not nominated for the Oscars, Fernández de Vega remembers that only five films could be selected and there were thirty-two candidate works.

“There were many and with a lot of budget to campaign” for the candidacy.

“For us the prize has been to get this far, because the fact that it was considered and that there were many pools saw it as possible, is supposed to be much more than a film like ours could aspire to.”

In addition, he expressed the satisfaction of the production team of the film made in Almendralejo towards the nomination of the Spanish animated film ‘Klaus’.

“It was made in Madrid and many people who started working with us have worked on it, so a little bit of Buñuel is also there in the awards.”

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