‘Buñuel in the Turtle Labyrinth’ is up for four Goya Awards

The Extremaduran film ‘Buñuel in the turtle labyrinth’ will be up for four awards at the Spanish film festival. The animated feature film has been nominated for Best Animated Film, Best Original Score, Best New Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay. Besides, ‘Our life as refugee children in Europe’by Silvia Venegas from Extremadura, has been nominated for Best Documentary Short Film.

The animated feature film co-produced by the Extremaduran production company The Glow, Sygnatia and Hampa Studio, as well as the Dutch company Submarine, has been one of the big winners in these nominations.

Director Salvador Simó will compete for Best New Director; the composer of the soundtrack, Arturo Cardelús, is in the shortlist for Best Original Music; Eligio Montero and Salvador Simó for Best Adapted Screenplay; and the last award for Best Animated Film.

For the Extremaduran producer and production director, José María Fernández de Vega“these four nominations are a great milestone for their production company, for Extremaduran cinema, for animated cinema and for our region, since they are capable of combining culture and industry under the same production, and at the same time it becomes a banner for all of Extremadura,” he remarked.

The animated film, based on the graphic novel by Fermín Solís from Cáceres, also aims to be nominated for the Oscars and the Annie Awards.

As for ‘Our life as refugee children in Europe’, it is a 15-minute documentary directed by Silvia Venegas, a native of the Badajoz municipality of Santa Marta, and has been produced by the Extremaduran production company Making Doc.

In 2015, this producer already won the Goya in the same category for its work in the production of ‘Walls (If these walls spoke)’.

More nominations

‘While the war lasts’, ‘Pain and Glory’ y ‘The infinite trench’ They already start as favorites in the race towards the Goya Awards. The big winner in the nominations is ‘While the War Dures’, by Alejandro Amenábar, which has received 17 nominations, including best film, best direction and best original screenplay.

The awards will be presented at a gala that will take place on January 25 in Malaga, and will once again feature Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril as masters of ceremony. The actors Elena Anaya and Miguel Herrán have been in charge of listing the list of nominees for the Film Academy and have been accompanied by the president of the Film Academy, Mariano Barroso, and the notary Eva Sanz.

A total of 146 films released in Spain between January 1 and December 31, 2019 were eligible for the 34th edition of the Goya Awards. Of these 146 productions, 88 are fiction, 55 are documentaries and three are animation. Also participating this year were 53 European films, 15 Ibero-American films and 35 short films -15 fiction, 10 documentaries and 10 animation-.

Of the 146 stories nominated for the 34th call for these awards – five less than in the previous edition – 56 were debut works. As for the scripts, 112 are original and 29 are adapted.

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‘Buñuel in the Turtle Labyrinth’ is up for four Goya Awards



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