Carolina Yuste from Badajoz wins the Goya

Sunday, February 3, 2019, 09:14

He Seville Exhibition and Congress Palace last night hosted the great festival of Spanish cinema, in which the Extremaduran film triumphed Carolina Yuste (Badajoz, 1991) when she won the Goya award for best supporting actress for her role in ‘Carmen y Lola’. The film by the Basque filmmaker Arantxa Echevarría, which also won the Goya for Best New Director, tells the story of Carmen (Rosy Rodríguez) and Lola (Zaira Romero), two young people of gypsy ethnicity who come from conservative families where homosexuality is a taboo subject. The woman from Badajoz interprets the Paqui’s role, a social worker who is a friend of the two young lesbians. In addition to her participation as a supporting actress, Yuste was in charge of prepare the 150 gypsy actors non-professionals who participated in the filming.

The 33rd edition of the Goya Awards, which left Madrid for the second time in its history, filled the city of Seville with glamour. The fight against sexist violence and the demand for a greater presence of women in cinema They joined together this year as a ‘leitmotiv’ on the red carpet. There you could see some of the more than 2,500 protest fans that this year carried two slogans, #NIUNAMENOS and #MÁSMUJERES. At a gala hosted by Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril, the demand for more female roles was present in the speeches of many winners, such as Yuste. “I am happy to be in a project in which 70% of the team are women,” said the woman from Badajoz when collecting the statuette. The other two nominees from Extremadura did not suffer the same fate, Juan Margallowhich was up for the Goya for best supporting actor for ‘Campeones, and Rubin Steincandidate with the short film ‘Bailaora’.

Video. Carolina Yuste’s speech after receiving the Goya.


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