Extremadura is interested in hemp from the Netherlands

Extremadura is interested in the industrial hemp production and transformation model that is being carried out in the Netherlands. The region wants to bet on industrial hemp and the use and exploitation of products derived from these plants. For this reason, a visit has been carried out to a hemp fiber processing factory, Hempflax, with the purpose of studying the model that this factory uses in the crop transformation process to propose different diversification alternatives in Extremadura.

The director of the Community Agrarian Policy (PAC), Javier Gonzalo, and those responsible for the Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura (Cicytex), the tobacco company Cetarsa ​​and the National Agri-Food Technology Center (Ctaex) participated in the visit.

The Dutch company Hempflax is located in the town of Oude Pekela. The factory comprehensively processes hemp to obtain various high-value materials, including oil, construction materials, biochemical products, food, feed, cosmetics and biofuels.

The region wants to bet on the use and exploitation of industrial hemp

It is considered that Extremadura has ideal conditions that allow the cultivation of hemp as well as the necessary agents to complete its value chain through research and transformation, which is why the Board and the research centers are studying the adaptation of this crop to “generate social value from sustainability”, as explained by the regional government.

Hemp technological pole

The community already has the Hemp Technology Pole, a project led by the Agri-Food Technology Center of Extremadura (Ctaex), and whose objective is to promote the industrial hemp sector in Spain.

It was established in 2020 with the participation of different technology companies and research centers, in addition, with the institutional support of the Government of Extremadura.

It must be remembered that industrial hemp can be grown in the country as long as the objective of its use is certified fibers and seeds whose THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) content, the main active ingredient of the plant, is less than 0.2. %.

If these indications are not met, approval from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) would be required.

Cuba Mission

But the region does not only look towards Europe. Extremadura Avante is organizing, within its Direct Trade Missions program, the initiative called MCD Cuba 2022, which will take place in Havana from November 14 to 17.

The objective of this action is the prospecting of the Cuban market, either through the consolidation of contacts for the introduction of the products and services of the companies participating in this edition, or, where appropriate, establishing first contacts for possible strategic alliances and definition later of the most suitable partner. This is a multi-sector promotional action in which a total of five Extremaduran companies that develop businesses related to the construction, engineering, tourism and olive oil sectors will participate.

As a result of the personalized advice from the Foreign Promotion staff of Extremadura Avante, and the collaborating entities at the destination, the Extremaduran representatives will have a personalized agenda of meetings to hold with the main Cuban actors who have a direct connection with their products or services. . In addition, they are being helped to specify objectives, search for information and national importers.

In addition, Extremadura Avante will have an exhibition space in the Spanish pavilion of the Havana International Fair as it is the most relevant cross-border event in the country and constitutes an important meeting point for foreign and Cuban businessmen. All of this with the purpose of giving visibility to the Extremaduran business fabric and promoting a favorable work environment for Extremaduran and Cuban companies.

Thanks to this mission, it will be possible to analyze the different changes introduced in the economy of the Cuban country so that Extremaduran companies know the real possibilities that it offers.

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