Extremadura shows its organic products in France

Extremadura Avante will be present from September 18 to 20 at the Natexpo Fair – International Biological Products Exhibition 2022, which will be held in Lyon (France). A dissemination stand for the Organics Extremadura brand will serve to promote its organic products.

The region will participate for the first time in this French reference event where professionals from the organic sector from all over Europe gather, according to Avante.

This Extremaduran presence will have a space to disseminate the region’s products covered under the Organics Extremadura seal, with the aim of not only promoting the organic agri-food sector of the region, but also the community as a whole. The purpose is to maintain relationships there with potential clients and promote commercial exchanges, they point out on their website.

The region will be present in Lyon to promote its Organics quality seal

Organics Extremadura is the quality seal for organic products grown in Extremadura, which also serves as a powerful international promotion seal.

This quality seal of the region has a most complete, rich and varied range of organic food products from our region and highlights regional organic agri-food production, promotes its knowledge among consumers, increases its perception and raises its consideration. .

This new seal is complementary to each company’s own brand, through which they can differentiate themselves.

With this distinction they seek the opportunity to promote the sector in a joint and coordinated manner, concentrating efforts, so that broader horizons can be addressed at an advertising and promotional level, where the main sales argument to highlight will be the Extremaduran origin.

Last trends

This event will showcase the latest trends in a booming and constantly changing market. In this edition it is expected to increase the number of exhibitors and visitors.

The objective is to improve the profitability of the organic agri-food sector, bringing together producers and buyers from the main markets in the world.

Also adding value to our products, disseminating knowledge of the differential and healthy characteristics of organic farming. And open new markets, which allows acquiring new contacts and consolidating existing ones.

World Market

According to data published by Avante, last year the fair closed with a positive balance, since France is, together with Germany, one of the main European leaders in the consumption of organic products.

14% of French people consume at least one ‘organic’ product a day, and 9 out of 10 consumers buy organic products.

In that country, 33% of organic products are imported and demand exceeds domestic production. In 2019, more than 204 organic stores were opened and 158 in 2020.

The organic production sector continues to grow steadily at a global and national level. It is one of the conclusions shown in the Annual Report on Organic Production in Spain published by Ecovalia, the national association that encompasses a large part of the professionals in the organic sector.

Experts suggest that consumption in Spain, where per capita spending has grown by 11% in the last year, going from 42 to 46.6 euros, is still very far from the ratio of large consumers, such as Switzerland, Denmark or Germany. In absolute value, the consumption of organic products has increased by 16.4% in the same period and around 96% since 2012. In fact, Spain is the country where spending has increased the most. And worldwide, the organic food market has exceeded 97,000 million euros, of which 40,000 are located in Europe and 1,903 million in Spain. The United States leads it, with 42%, followed by Germany’s 11% market share and France’s 9%, while Spain represents just over 1%, also behind Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Experts believe that the current situation of the organic market in Europe is one of increasing consumption, but not enough to achieve the European objective of making a quarter of the agricultural area organic by 2023. Encouraging consumption is therefore an priority. The question is whether lowering taxes on these products is a sustainable solution, although in the short term the change could be important and favorable.

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