Food from Extremadura, in the virtual market

Extremadura Avante will promote the commercialization of foods from Extremadura in virtual commerce, in the so-called ‘marketplace’, websites that allow sellers and buyers to interact with each other to carry out a commercial transaction.

In this type of platform, buyers and sellers remain in the technical and commercial environment of the sector until the transaction is finalized. This ‘virtual shopping center’ serves to facilitate the sale between the seller and the buyer, ensuring that the transaction will take place under the best conditions, as Extremadura Avante explains on its website.

The online wholesale platform in particular is located in the free zone of the Dubai airport, one of the fifteen most important in the world, where suppliers and trade buyers connect to make purchases and sales internationally, focusing on the Arab Emirates United States and its countries of influence, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The purpose of this platform is to help connect producers and buyers so that they can market their products through the marketplace, thus establishing fluid and fast commercial relationships and offering a continuous service in terms of consolidation, inspection, registration and documentation, position, center distribution logistics and last mile services, among others

As determined by Avante, companies interested in this promotion must be food or beverage producing companies covered by the promotional brands ‘Alimentos de Extremadura’ and ‘Organics Extremadura’, have halal certified products, if they are of animal origin, as well as have the capacity exporter, website in different languages ​​and have trained personnel to respond in English to the demand for queries received through the platform.


Extremadura Avante has also offered aid of up to 8,000 euros so that Extremaduran companies can participate in 2023 in some of the main international fairs such as the Salón Gourmets Madrid, Fenavin, Expofranquicia Madrid and Organic Food Iberia. These four international fairs will take place in the months of April, May and June.

First, the Gourmets Show will be held, which includes the food and beverage agri-food sectors. This show presents a showcase of high-end trends and is one of the main meetings of national and international professionals in the gastronomic sector. Those enrolled can receive up to a maximum aid of 6,363 euros, as reflected by the DOE.

There will also be aid of up to 2,500 euros to participate in Fenavin, a reference fair for Spanish wine where there is a commitment to doing business with work systems that facilitate a broad meeting between supply and demand.

Avante will also grant aid of up to 7,500 euros to participate in Expofranquicia Madrid, which will have the presence of distributor chains from other countries and foreign consulting firms. This international presence, together with the wide range of brands in our country, will offer investors and entrepreneurs a good perspective on trends and new business concepts to develop under the franchise formula.

Avante offers grants of up to 8,000 euros to participate in the Organic Food Iberia fair, an event for professionals in the natural and organic sector, attended by organic companies from Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world.

The next edition of Organic Food Iberia and Eco Living Iberia, which will be held in June, can become one of the three main fairs in the sector worldwide.

Agroexpo 2023

In Extremadura, Agroexpo will be the first agricultural fair of the new year with an edition, the XXXV, which will focus on water as an essential element.

This international fair will be held from January 25 to 28, 2023 in Feval. The program of this meeting includes conferences on the new CAP, debate tables and presentations on important issues for the sector, exhibitions and awards ceremonies and recreational and coexistence activities, among others.

Agroexpo is thus consolidated as a meeting forum, a showcase for the sector, a business space and a tool for updating, training and information.

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