López and Durán lead the Extremadura circuit

Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 07:53

After the celebration of the third edition of the Barbaño Duathlon there are few changes in terms of the classification of the Extremaduran circuit, which only has one test left to be held.

The Jerez Triathlon athlete José Manuel López Pérez remains at the top of the classification by having a total of 105 points in his locker, due in large part to his regularity in the tests. And José Manuel López finished in eleventh position in La Bazana, twenty-first in Trujillo, twenty-third in Moraleja, nineteenth in Montijo, sixth in Puebla de la Calzada, third in Burguillos del Cerro, fifteenth in Montijo, third in Montijo and fourth in Beard.

The second position in this ranking is occupied by his teammate Koko Rodríguez Pérez, while the third place in this classification goes to Luis Francisco Gómez Roncero, from the Don Benito Triathlon.

In the female category, the clear dominator is Cristina Durán Calleja, from the Don Benito Triathlon, who has collected 109 points in her locker. Cristina Durán has almost all of her performances this season as a victory except in Monesterio, where she finished in second position. The second place in this classification is occupied by Carolina Piñero Gabardino, from the Montijo Triathlon, while the third position goes to Sandra Muriel González, from Physical Art.

The last test of the Extremadura circuit will take place in Don Benito next Sunday, November 12, with the celebration of the eleventh edition of the Cros Doña Blanca Memorial Félix Nieto Duathlon.

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