Professional fairs want to recover normality

Companies and organizers had everything ready in 2020 for the scheduled trade fairs, but almost suddenly one after another they were canceled due to the pandemic that hit the world. 2021 arrived and with it again the calendar of fairs that had to adapt to the new situation that society was experiencing. Some opted for the virtual model, such as Agroexpo, others for a mixed model, such as FIAL, and others bet everything on red and opted for in-person presence, as is the case with Fruit Attraction or Sicab, among others. In one way or another, they all had a notable participation from Extremaduran companies that attended in order to tell the rest of the autonomous communities and countries that Extremadura knows how to make good products.

Another aspect that was revealed last year was the professionalism gained by many after a lost year and we had to take advantage of the moment. Luis Aliseda, manager of Viveros Provedo, spoke about this after his time at Fruit Attraction: «It is a very professional fair, more than it was before, because people have really come with the interest of doing business and the public”.

The public was filtered but this did not reduce attendance. The influx supported this feeling that many exhibiting companies and attendees had. Being present is a unique opportunity to establish new business relationships in a short time and in a reduced space of time.

«People have really gone with the interest of doing business and the public has been more filtered»

Luis Aliseda | Provedo Nurseries

“They serve, above all, to make a first contact because it will be later when future contracts are formalized,” says José María Naranjo, from Tany Nature, a company that regularly attends this type of events and president of the Agroexpo Organizing Committee.

Although many dates are still up in the air because the threat of postponements continues to be in the air, there are already many organizers who are timidly announcing theirs.

The person in charge of opening the calendar of events was Agroexpo, a reference fair in Extremadura for the agricultural sector that receives thousands of attendees every year, but it has been the first to be affected by the new wave of covid as it has been forced to postpone its edition. to March.

«They serve, above all, to make a first contact»

José Mª Naranjo | Nature land

In the minds of professionals there are others, Gulfood in Dubai, Prowein in Germany, SIAL in France, Alimentaria, Salón Gourmet or Sicab, to name just a few.

And, in addition to producing, you have to sell, and to do this you have to focus on promotion. In the minds of businessmen there may be the question of whether or not to attend a fair, each one has to evaluate their bet, analyze their situation, what it can bring them, the cost of attending and a long etcetera that for many is worth the grief.

«It is always very important, we have a stand to receive clients, friends and livestock professionals who have this meeting space at their disposal to establish relationships and make our region known because we think that the promotion of livestock farming has to go together. to the promotion of our land”, concludes Carmen Pinilla, president of the Extremadura Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders on SICAB 2021.

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