Rain delays olive campaign

The rains that are lavished this autumn in Extremadura are being very beneficial for the olive grove and the olives are going to gain weight and size. Those that had wrinkled will be smooth again and the olive tree that had accumulated many days of water stress will be very grateful.

The olive campaign was scheduled to begin at the Virgen de la Estrella de Los Santos Cooperative in Maimona this week with the earliest varieties, but due to the rains it will be delayed a few days, until next week, according to what this newspaper reports. the president of the Santi Muñoz Cooperative.

«These rains are going to somewhat resolve the campaign that in the municipality of Los Santos is going to be good. Not so much for the members of the Bienvenida, Usagre and Fuente de Cantos cooperatives, who are united to us, where hail in some cases and frost in others will reduce the campaign by up to 30 percent.

For some years now, the Los Santos Cooperative has collected olives from the oil mills of these three towns whose cooperatives joined the Santeña cooperative. According to Muñoz, the Santeña cooperative’s oil mill is ready for the start of the campaign and they expect to collect about 12 million kilos of olives.

“We will start, once the field dries after the rains, with the earliest varieties such as the Arbequina and we will continue later with the Carrasqueña and those that are having the best performance.” In the Cooperative they make single-varietal oils so it is very important According to the president, “that the varieties of olives that we harvest are in season and that we can bring the best of our oils to the markets.”

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