Rosalía’s unexpected tribute to the Chunguitos

Rosalía’s unexpected tribute to the Chunguitos

Sunday, February 3, 2019, 11:04

Rosalía He had already warned that his performance at the Goya gala was going to be “personal and risky.” And boy was she. The Catalan singer surprised everyone with the reinterpretation of a Los Chunguitos classic, ‘I stay with you’. And she stayed with everyone. Accompanied by the Catalan choir and by the producer of ‘El mal qué’, El Guincho, Rosalía changed the rhythm of the original song for a slower cadence that allowed her to show off her enormous vocal range. The staging, with Rosalía dressed in a red dress that stood out against a dark background with red lights, was spectacular.

Less mystical was the performance they performed on stage Amaia, Rozalen and Judith Neddermann and that started off in an uneventful way. Manu Guix was doing a short introduction on the piano, when Amaia came out on stage and cut the music short. She hadn’t played the clapperboard on the audio monitor she was wearing in her ear and she hadn’t been able to get in on time to sing, so they had to start from the beginning. They performed a song that united the four songs nominated for the Goya for best song and that finally ended up in the hands of Coque Malla for ‘Este es el momento’, from the film ‘Campeones’.

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