The Dehesa y Toro de Táliga Fair includes a 4×4 meet-up and a rabbit hunting show with a hound

The XII International Dehesa y Toro Fair in the town of Táliga, Badajoz, is held from April 28 to 30 with a 4×4 ride through the pasture and a rabbit hunting show with a hound among its novelties, along with other activities such as the equestrian show and flamenco ‘The Dance of the Horse’ or a traditional popular meal of retinto meat from the Extremaduran pastureland.

Likewise, this Sunday there will be a bullfighting celebration with a release of three heifers from Don Luis Marca’s own Táliga livestock with free entry for all audiences, within the framework of this fair presented this Thursday, the 27th, at the Provincial Council of Badajoz by the mayor of the town, David Fernández, accompanied by the Bullfighting coordinator of the provincial institution, Pedro Ledesma.

In his speech, Pedro Ledesma pointed out that it is a municipality located in the Táliga Valley where wild cattle graze, and that it is also the birthplace of some of the students of the Bullfighting School, at the same time that he pointed out that The council has been working with initiatives such as the cross-border project ‘Táliga, dehesa y toro’ to publicize this area of ​​the stripe and some municipalities with a “special connection” with the fighting bull.

For his part, David Fernández explained that this fair was born in the public area of ​​El Chaparral as a meeting in which, in principle, it was about highlighting and emphasizing what was taking place in Táliga, mainly the livestock farms of brave bulls and its character as a bullfighting cradle, in such a way that over the years they have managed to promote it, “to the point” that it receives visits from Portuguese tourists and last year also from “some” French.

Last year, he stressed, they tried to achieve recognition as a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest, something that “could not be”, so they were “waiting to further consolidate the originality of this fair” and in the face of what they hoped would in the development of this year’s edition “and some others that come after” can achieve this distinction; in relation to which he has defended that it is “acceptable” and it would be an “honor” for Táliga if this fair were declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

Given this, it has valued its own identity, its originality and the reception of visitors that join each year, and has added that they have heeded the recommendations of the General Directorate of Tourism made to them last year so that it can achieve said recognition.

Bullfighters, bullfighters and cattle ranches

Táliga, Fernández highlighted, is the bullfighting cradle of bullfighters and bullfighters and of ranches of both brave and tame bulls, and this year they are going to give a “wink” to the Retinta breed in the popular tasting on Sunday, starting at 1:00 p.m. 30 hours in the Plaza de Extremadura, with a dish with retinto meat, after which he highlighted that in this pasture area the raising of Iberian pigs is a “plus” that they have and that there are well-known brands at a national and international level that They raise their pigs “a few” meters from the center of town.

Regarding this year’s programming, he pointed out that it is extensive and that there is room for all types of activities for all ages and, specifically, it starts on Friday the 28th at 10:00 a.m. with a children’s recreational activity and at 12:00 the institutional inauguration in a day that is completed with a paddle tennis tournament, indoor soccer matches, a dance group and a DJ session.

The schedule for Saturday the 29th includes the paddle tennis tournament at 9:00, the rabbit hunting show with podenco at 9:30, the equestrian and flamenco show at 6:30 p.m., and a free concert and at 10:00 p.m. the activity ‘Gift from the mayor to the Taligueños’ that the councilor did not want to reveal, except that it is “something really nice and that everyone will like” and a “surprise” that will cause a “sensation” ». Later there will be an orchestra and a DJ marathon.

Finally, on Sunday the 30th, a 4×4 meeting will take place at 10:00 so that lovers of this type of vehicle can develop a non-competitive route of about 40 or 45 kilometers around the pasture, at 10:30 a hiking route , at 1:30 p.m. the traditional popular meal and at 6:00 p.m. the bullfighting celebration.

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