‘The good boss’ wins in a shared night

Saturday, February 12, 2022


The academics chose this satire about labor relations and the lack of working class consciousness as the big film of the year starring Javier Bardem in the role of the head of a scales company willing to do anything to receive an award. «Thank you Fernando for writing a character so rich in nuances and so fun. The trips we take together are beautiful and inspiring,” said the actor who received the sixth Goya of his career. He dedicated the award to Penélope Cruz, “the woman I love, celebrate and respect every day,” her children and her mother.

His wife left empty-handed, as did Pedro Almodóvar, despite the fact that his last film about historical memory was nominated for eight awards. And the award for best leading actress went to Blanca Portillo, who plays Maixabel Lasa in Icíar Bollaín’s latest film. The film, a drama in which the director has dared to get into the head of a repentant ETA member and a victim, won two other statuettes, for best supporting actor, for Urko Olazabal, and for best new actress, for María Cherry.

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The winners of the Goya 2022

But it was the words of Portillo, who won his first Goya, that were the most exciting of the night at the Palau de les Arts. «My unconditional love for Icíar Bollaín, for opening your world and your heart to me. And my unconditional love for a woman who is a monument to love, generosity and empathy. Thank you, Maixabel Lasa for putting light in the world,” said he who also dedicated the award to her parents and Juan Mari Jáuregui, “the true protagonist of the film.”

Above in number of awards and in a somewhat surprising way was ‘The Laws of the Border’, by Daniel Monzón. The film, which recovers the flavor of quinqui cinema and was based on the novel of the same name by Javier Cercas, was made with five ‘big heads’, almost all of them technical, except for the best adapted script written halfway between Monzón and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, and best actor revelation for Chechu Salgado.

‘Mediterráneo’, the film with which Marcel Barrena explores the founding of Open Arms, Oscar Camps’ NGO, won three other statuettes, for best original song for María José Llergo, best production direction and best photography; and ‘Libertad’, by Clara Roquet, won the ‘big head’ for best new director and best supporting actress for Nora Navas.

In general,


Fernando León’s film, with twenty nominations, wins six awards and ‘The Laws of the Border’ receives five ‘big heads’, for Iker Cortés.

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José Sacristán with his Goya of Honor. / AFP


Fernando León de Aranoa, with the Goya for best director. / AFP


@@02620f0c-8c33-11ec-84a1-f2dbafd31d7f|The winners at the grand gala of the Goya 2022 awards@@

The Goya for best leading actress goes to Blanca Portillo for ‘Maixabel’.


“Long live Valencia!” exclaims Ángela Molina to put an end to the gala, which lasted three and a quarter hours.


In his third speech, Fernando León de Aranoa invites the public to return to movie theaters.


The 36th edition of the Goya Awards ends with six awards for ‘The Good Patron’; five for ‘The Laws of the Border’, one of the surprises of the night; three for ‘Maixabel’, three for ‘Mediterráneo’ and two for ‘Libertad’.


Producer Jaume Roures remembers Antonio Resines’ thanks.


The Goya goes to ‘The Good Patron’. Sixth Goya for the film.


The only thing missing is a Goya: best film. It is delivered by Ángela Molina


He thanks his team for the award for having understood him in the creation of this film, “for knowing how to extract the essence of the film from the written word.”


It is his second award of the night.


The winner is Fernando León de Aranoa for ‘The Good Patron’.


The penultimate Goya is the best director


Blanca Portillo with her first Goya. / Reuters


Javier Bardem, with his sixth Goya, the last for ‘The Good Patron’. / AFP


Portillo dedicates his award to his fellow nominees and fellow movie stars. “My conditional love for the entire film team,” she notes. “My unconditional love for Luis Tosar and his eyes that have taken me to infinity, for Iciar Bollaín, my friend,” says the actress who also remembers her mother and Maixabel Lasa for putting “light in the world, for not giving up.” never”. She also remembers Juan Mari Jáuregui and all the people who “left unjustly.”


“What a thrill. “She has even taken away the pain in my feet,” says a surprised Blanca Portillo.


First Goya for Portillo.


The winner is Blanca Portillo for ‘Maixabel’


The turn is for the best leading actress.


«It is an honor to be among these three great actors (Luis Tosar, Eduard Fernández and Javier Guitérrez). Thanks to my colleagues, to Fernando León for writing a character so rich in nuances and so fun,” says Bardem, who dedicates his sixth Goya to Penélope Cruz. “I love you,” shouts the actor, who also remembers his children and his mother, Pilar Bardem.


Javier Bardem wins for ‘The Good Patron’


After Sacristán, only four goyas are missing. Now it’s the turn of best leading actor.


«I feel very proud to be one of the first twelve numbers of the Academy. Thanks to the public, to all those men and women who every year, whether in bunches or strings, buy all our garlic,” concludes Sacristán, who puts Spanish cinema back on its feet.


Sacristán remembers his family, his teachers. “I thank my children for being able to repeat the shots that I didn’t know how to do,” he adds.


“Thank you to everyone who, with their trust in my work, allows me to continue plowing,” says the actor.


The standing audience receives one of the masters of Spanish cinema. “Sit down, sit down,” says Sacristán.


Nora Navas is in charge of presenting the Goya of Honor to José Sacristán.


Director Jonás Trueba (d), accompanied by his team, receives the Goya for best documentary film for ‘Who prevents it’. / Efe


Now Goya for the best animated film. The Goya goes to ‘Valentina’.


«This film is very unusual for us to be here. “We wouldn’t have done it before without having made many films before,” Trueba recalls.


The winner goes to ‘Who Prevents It’ by Jonás Trueba.


After Casal’s performance, it is time for the best documentary film.


Fernando León de Aranoa achieves his third Goya for best original screenplay, the sixth in his career. / Reuters


Daniel Monzón and Jorge Guerricaechevarría win the Goya for best adapted screenplay for ‘The Laws of the Border’. / Reuters


Rosana Pastor, winner of two Goyas, is in charge of giving way to Luz Casal’s performance. Her voice will accompany the ‘in memoriam’ of remembrance of the artists who died last year.


«The first ideas came to me eleven years ago. The first approach was six years ago,” describes the director and screenwriter.


The Goya goes to Fernando León de Aranoa for ‘The Good Patron’. Sixth award in his career.


Now it’s the turn of the original script.


Guerricaechevarría dedicates the Goya to his family for living with a writer who lives “among ghosts.”


Fifth Goya for Monzón, who sends “a big kiss” to Agustín Villaronga and the rest of the nominees. He thanks the writer Javier Cercas, author of the novel, and Guerricaechevarría for accompanying him on this adventure.


First of all, the adapted script. The Goya goes to Daniel Monzón and Jorge Guerricaechevarría for ‘The Laws of the Border’.


Ana Milan and Arturo Valls are in charge of awarding the Goya to the best scripts, adapted and original.


And now the moment of Ibero-American cinema. The Chilean ‘The Cordillera of Dreams’ wins the Goya.


It is the moment of European cinema. This year’s winning film is ‘Another Round’ (Denmark)


Leiva and Joaquín Sabina, at the Goya gala. /Reuters


The turn to special effects. The Goya goes to Pau Costa and Laura Pedro for ‘Way Down’.


Vanessa L. Marimbert wins for ‘The Good Boss’


Now the Goya for best montage.

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