‘The Good Patron’ makes Goya history with its 20 nominations

‘The Good Patron’ stands as the clear favorite at the Goya Awards. The satire of labor relations directed by Fernando León and starring an immense Javier Bardem garners 20 nominations, a record in the history of the Academy Awards: until now, ‘Días contados’, by Imanol Uribe, was the film with more nominations, 19. ‘Maixabel’, by Icíar Bollaín, has obtained 14 nominations and ‘Madres paralleles’, by Pedro Almodóvar, 8. The list of the five titles that aspire to the Goya for best film is completed with ‘Mediterráneo’, by Marcel Barrena, and ‘Libertad’, by Clara Roquet, with seven and six nominations, respectively.

The Goya gala will be held on February 12, 2022 at the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia as the closing of the ‘Berlanga Year’, with which the Academy has commemorated the centenary of which he is honorary president of the institution. A total of 160 films released in our country between January 1 and December 31, 2021 are eligible for the 36th edition of the Spanish film awards. Of these 160 productions, 82 are fiction, 74 are documentaries and there are 4 films of animation.

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‘The Good Patron’ makes Goya history with its 20 nominations

Premiered at the last San Sebastián Festival, ‘The Good Patron’ recovers the most acidic Fernando León with the portrait of an influential provincial businessman willing to do anything to receive an award granted by the regional government. This dark reverse of ‘Mondays in the Sun’, which depicts a Spain in which there are no longer unions or class consciousness, won critical acclaim and has performed well in low-cost cinemas. The academics also chose her to represent Spain at the Oscars, a film that has sold half a million tickets in theaters. Fernando León will compete for the Goya for best director with Icíar Bollaín, Pedro Almodóvar and Manuel Martín Cuenca, who this past Friday premiered the thriller ‘The Daughter’. “It is curious how a film that talks about the vanity of receiving an award – and many other things – receives 20 nominations,” said Fernando León at the Film Academy after learning of the flood of nominations. “We hope to live it with much more head than Blanco, the protagonist.”

Video. Trailer for ‘Maixabel’, which has obtained 14 nominations.

Icíar Bollaín has brought more than half a million viewers to theaters with ‘Maixabel’, a drama that dares to get into the head of a repentant ETA member and one of his victims. Both Blanca Portillo as Maixabel Lasa, the widow of Juan Mari Jáuregui, and Luis Tosar as Ibon Etxezarreta are nominated. Likewise, Urko Olazabal, who plays the repentant Luis Carrasco, is a candidate in the supporting actor category and María Cerezuela, Maixabel Lasa’s daughter in fiction, receives the nomination as revelation actress. ‘Parallel Mothers’, by Pedro Almodóvar, which won the Volpi Cup for best actress at the Venice Film Festival for Penélope Cruz, does not seem likely to overshadow León and Bollaín with its eight nominations. Their great asset is, precisely, Penélope Cruz, favorite for the statuette with the permission of Blanca Portillo, Emma Suárez for ‘Josefina’ and the veteran Petra Martínez for ‘La vida era eso’.

‘Mediterranean’ and ‘Liberty’ are up for six Academy Awards. Marcel Barrena’s film illustrates with a sense of adventure the creation of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms in 2015, when two lifeguards traveled to Lesbos (Greece) shocked by the photograph of a child drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean. As for Clara Roquet’s debut feature, released two weekends ago, it was the only Spanish film present at Cannes this year. It takes place during a summer vacation on the Costa Brava, in which two teenage girls from different social backgrounds, a bourgeoisie and the daughter of the Colombian woman who takes care of their grandmother, begin to understand what the class struggle means.

As the best leading actor we find those who are surely the four most renowned performers in Spanish cinema. Javier Bardem, 11 nominations already and 5 Goyas, is capable of providing humanity and making the terrible owner of Básculas Blanco seem endearing at certain moments. Luis Tosar, 9 nominations and 3 big heads, moves us despite being a murderer in ‘Maixabel’. Eduard Fernández, 13 nominations and 3 Goyas, is always impeccable and ‘Mediterráneo’ was not going to be an exception. Javier Gutiérrez, 5 nominations and a statuette, drags with the most difficult character, a man willing to do anything to be a father.

The actors Nathalie Poza and Jose Coronado have been in charge of reading the list of nominees.

  1. List of Goya nominees

Best film

The good boss

Freedom of Clara Roquet

Parallel mothers



Best Address

Fernando León de Aranoa, for The Good Patron

Manuel Martín Cuenca, for The Daughter

Pedro Almodóvar, for Parallel Mothers

Iciar Bollain, by Maixabel

Best New Director

Carol Rodriguez Colas, by Chavalas

Javier Marco Rico, by Josefina

David Martín de los Santos, for Life was that

Clara Roquet, for Libertad

Best Original Screenplay

Fernando León de Aranoa, for The Good Patron

Clara Roquet, for Libertad

Iciar Bollain and Isa Campo, by Maixabel

Juanjo Giménez Peña and Pere Altimira, for Three

Best Adapted Screenplay

Júlia de Paz Solvas and Núria Dunjó López, for Ama

Agustí Villaronga, for The Belly of the Sea

Daniel Monzón and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, for The Laws of the Border

Benito Zambrano and Cristina Campos, for Lemon bread with poppy seeds

Best Original Music

Zeltia Montes, for The Good Patron

Fatima Al Qadiri, for The Grandmother

Alberto Iglesias, by Maixabel

Arnau Bataller, por Mediterráneo

Best Original Song

«Burst Out» – Composers: Àngel Leiro, Jean-Paul Dupeyron, Xavier Capellas for postwar album

“Que me busken por dentro” – Composers: Antonio Orozco, Jordi Colell Pinillos for The cover

“Las leyes de la frontier” – Composers: Alejandro García Rodríguez, Antonio Molinero León, Daniel Escortell Blandino, José Manuel Cabrera Escot, Miguel García Cantero for Las leyes de la frontier

«The sea awaits you» – Composers: Maria José Llergo, for Mediterráneo

Best Leading Actor

Javier Bardem, for The Good Patron

Javier Gutiérrez, for The Daughter

Luis Tosar, by Maixabel

Eduard Fernández, for Mediterráneo

Best Leading Actress

Emma Suárez, by Josefina

Petra Martínez, for Life was that

Penélope Cruz, for Parallel Mothers

Blanca Portillo, by Maixabel

Best Supporting Actor

Celso Bugallo, for The Good Patron

Fernando Albizu, for The Good Patron

Manolo Solo, for The Good Patron

Urko Olazabal, by Maixabel

Best Supporting Actress

Sonia Almarcha, for The Good Patron

Nora Navas, for Libertad by Clara Roquet

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón for Parallel Mothers

Milena Smit, for Parallel Mothers

Best New Actor

Óscar de la Fuente, for The Good Patron

Tarik Rmili, for The Good Skipper

Chechu Salgado, for The Laws of the Border

Jorge Motos, by Lucas

Best New Actress

Ángela Cervantes, by Chavalas

Almudena Amor, for The Good Patron

Nicolle García, for Libertad by Clara Roquet

María Cerezuela, by Maixabel

Best Production Management

Óscar Vigiola, for Love in its Place

Luis Gutiérrez, for The Good Patron

Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles, by Maixabel

Albert Espel, Kostas Seakianakis, for Mediterráneo

Best Cinematography

Pau Esteve Birba, for The Good Patron

Gray Jordana, by Libertad by Clara Roquet

José Luis Alcaine, for Parallel Mothers

Kiko de la Rica, for the Mediterranean

Best Assembly

Antonio Frutos, by Bajocero

Vanessa L. Marimbert, for The Good Patron

Miguel Doblado, by Josefina

Nacho Ruiz Capillas, by Maixabel

Best Artistic Direction

César Macarrón, for The Good Patron

Balter Gallart, for The Laws of the Border

Antxón Gómez, for Parallel Mothers

Mikel Serrano, por Maixabel

Best Costume Design

Alberto Valcárcel, for Love in Its Place

Fernando García, for The Good Patron

Vignette Escobar, por Las leyes de la frontera

Clara Bilbao, by Maixabel

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Almudena Fonseca, Manolo García, for The Good Patron

Sarai Rodriguez, Benjamin Perez, Nacho Diaz, by The Laws of the Border

Eli Adánez, Sergio Pérez Berbel, Nacho Díaz, for Libertad by Enrique Urbizu

Karmele Soler, Sergio Pérez Berbel, por Maixabel

Better Sound

Iván Marín, Pelayo Gutiérrez, Valeria Arcieri, for The Good Patron

Sergio Bürmann, Laia Casanovas, Marc Orts, por Madres paralelas

Alazne Ameztoy, Juan Ferro, Candela Palencia, by Maixabel

Daniel Fontrodona, Oriol Tarragó, Marc Bech, Marc Orts, por Tres

Best Special Effects

Raúl Romanillos, Míriam Piquer, for The Good Patron

Raúl Romanillos, Ferran Piquer, for The Grandmother

Àlex Villagrasa, por Mediterráneo

Pau Costa, Laura Pedro, by Way Down

Best Animated Film

Auto up


Save the tree (Zutik!)


Best Documentary Film

The return: life after ISIS

Heroes. Silence and Rock & Roll

Who prevents it

A blues for Tehran

Best Ibero-American Film

Song without a name (Peru)

The mountain range of dreams (Chile)

The conjoined twins (Argentina)

The wolves (Mexico)

Best European Film

Goodbye idiots (France)

The perfect man (Germany)

Another round (Denmark)

A promising young woman (UK)

Best Fiction Short Film



Totem loba

We vote


Best Documentary Short Film

Dakhla: cinema and oblivion




Best Animated Short Film

Be born

Selection process

The Monkey


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