The Goya audience in Valencia exceeds the last edition

The broadcast of the 2022 Goya Awards gala achieved an average audience of 2,777,000 viewers and a 22.9% screen share this Saturday on TVE’s La 1, which represents an improvement compared to the edition. above, according to RTVE data.

Specifically, the gala, held at the Palau de Les Arts in Valencia, has grown by 295,000 spectators and 7.3 points in screen share compared to 2021, which was the least seen in the last fifteen years, with 2,482. 000 average audience viewers and 15.6% share.

More information about the Goyas

The recent edition, which had ‘The Good Patron’ as the winner, was the leading broadcast on Saturday, doubling the audience of the next option, and at one point gathered 7,720,000 viewers, 171,000 more than the last one. edition. The ‘golden minute’ of the day took place at 10:53 p.m., with 3,165,000 viewers, which represents a 21.9% screen share, pending the ceremony, according to data provided by RTVE.Likewise, the broadcast of the red carpet prior to the ceremony managed to gather 1,125,000 spectators on La 1, an 11.3% share.

Digital and social networks

In the direct broadcast on RTVE Digital, 132,4000 users connected with one of the live shows, which took place during the carpet and the gala, which represents an improvement of 18.5% compared to the 2021 edition.

In this option, 98,496 users followed the awards ceremony, the best live figure for the gala in the last three years. Specifically, 92,700 connected with the live broadcast of La 1, 3,409 with the signal in sign language and 28,100 with the camera of the RNE special ‘De film’.

Regarding monitoring on social networks, with 98,000 tweets published by 34,000 users, the hashtag #Goya2022 was the number one trending topic in Spain for twelve hours* and number one in the world for two hours. It has also been a trend in Argentina and Mexico.

The videos of the gala have already achieved 1.2 million views on the different RTVE profiles on social networks, while more than 2.6 million impressions have been achieved on social networks and 82,000 interactions* with all the contents of the gala.

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