The honey harvest ends with the “lowest” production since there are records

The honey harvest campaign in Extremadura closes with a “very negative” balance and with the “lowest” production since there are records, because there have been no flowers in spring or honey and pollen harvest and due to a high mortality of hives, according to states UPA-UCE.

In any case, and despite this “catastrophic” year, autumn is expected to be “promising” due to the rains and mild temperatures, which are the “foundations” for next spring to help recover swarms, production and prices. , Add.

With this, the agricultural organization has demanded from the Extremadura Government that, in this new journey, beekeeping “receives the necessary support” so that it continues to be considered a “strategic” sector for the region.

Regarding the situation in the sector, the beekeeping manager of UPA-UCE Extremadura, Antonio Prieto, has highlighted that prices have experienced a “great drop” at a regional, national and global level, with a “high level of unfair competition” from third countries with honeys at 1.5 euros or 2 euros.

“It costs Extremadura producers more than 3 euros to produce a kilo of honey”, which is why they find themselves, Prieto stated, with “great competition in price” because they maintain “differentiated” quality and traceability in bee products. Extremadurans.

Faced with this situation, and with the “pressure” of UPA-UCE Extremadura, the Administrations have been able to help the sector and, although it has not been enough, “at least they have become aware of the serious problem that the entire beekeeping sector is experiencing.” .

Likewise, the agricultural organization has pointed out that some of the problems that the sector has, such as varroa, are already “endemic”, which is why it has asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to “help the sector and authorize effective medications.” to eliminate varroa, the “biggest health scourge” of hives.

Beekeeping is also being “very affected” by damage caused by predators, such as the bee-eater, low prices, the effects of climate change or agricultural insurance, since this year all rates have risen almost 100 percent, which represents a “significant” increase in costs for the producers who usually hire it.

Furthermore, UPA-UCE has criticized the legislation regarding labeling for being doing “a lot of damage” to the sector; currently, labels provide “very partial” information and are “misleading” for the consumer.

For this reason, they cannot “allow” the same jar of honey to have a “mixture of honey from several countries without knowing what percentage corresponds to each country” and has assured that the first country that appears on the label is Spain. “with the sole purpose of deceiving whoever purchases the product,” said the person responsible.

In this sense, UPA-UCE has invited consumers to request “truthful information” about the honey they buy because, in this way, “they will also be helping the producing sector.”

Beekeeping Fair in Caminomorisco

This was stated by the beekeeping manager of UPA-UCE Extremadura, during the celebration of the Caminomorisco International Beekeeping and Tourism Fair (Cáceres) in which, once again, this agricultural organization will participate.

At this event, Prieto has highlighted the importance of holding a fair of this type in a “strategic” area for the sector, such as La Siberia and Las Villuercas-Ibores, and has encouraged Extremaduran beekeepers and professionals in the sector to Go to this appointment this weekend.

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