The Minister of Agriculture calls for a new Sectoral Conference due to the “deception” with the eco-regimes

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Mercedes Morán, urged this Monday the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, to convene the Sectoral Conference to, among other urgent issues in the agricultural sector, address the “deception” farmers and ranchers for the eco-regimes of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Counselor Morán has stated that what she has been warning about on numerous occasions has been confirmed and is Planas’s “deception” because the eco-regimes, according to her, “are not designed for all farmers and ranchers.” And not only, but also, the amounts of aid “are not going to be what was expected.”

In this way, Morán has regretted that 25% of Extremaduran farmers have not taken advantage of any eco-regime, which means “a loss of agricultural income” and a cut in the funds that will reach Extremadura.

Furthermore, the counselor has given some examples of the decrease in aid amounts, such as that the owners of the 1,905,000 hectares who have requested an eco-regime should have received an amount of 40.96 euros per hectare of aid, but in In reality they are going to receive 27.19 euros per hectare.

“This represents a lower amount, since the owners of these pastures should have received a total amount of 78 million euros and they will receive 52 million, which is 26 million euros less,” says Morán.

Likewise, “significant losses” will also be suffered in irrigation, lamented the counselor, who has detailed that of the 156.78 euros per hectare that they should have charged, they will receive 139.36 euros per hectare. “And this only up to the first 25 hectares, because from number 26 onwards 97.55 euros/hectare will be charged,” she detailed at a press conference.

Thus, Mercedes Morán insists on the “deception” of Minister Planas with the eco-regimes and, all of this, with the complicity of the previous regional Executive chaired by Guillermo Fernández Vara, who “sold the success of the new CAP but it has been proven that it is false «. »Vara and his government justified the Ministry of Agriculture at all times without taking into account the interests of Extremaduran farmers and ranchers«, she stated.

In this regard and in the face of these “scandalous cuts”, the Minister of Agriculture has insisted that Planas bring together the advisors of the sector because, although the Government and the minister are in office, “the countryside does not stop.”

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