The Minister of Agriculture emphasizes that “in some cases” sustainability limits regional development

Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 8:18 p.m.

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Mercedes Morán, has defended that sustainability and the preservation of natural resources cannot be “at odds” with the economic development of the region.

Specifically, he pointed out that, “in some cases”, sustainability is “limiting” the development of Extremadura, which “favors” the aging of the population and the “march” of young people, contributing to the “important demographic problem.” current.

Morán participated this Wednesday in the VII Congress of Environmental and Territorial Sustainability organized by the International Foundation for Environmental and Territorial Sustainability (Fisat), at the University of Extremadura (UEx).

In this forum, he stressed that “sustainability should not be at odds with development,” and that we must strive to “squeeze the potential” of the earth “without depleting its resources but without seeing ourselves restricted by an excess of protectionism, sometimes wrongly.” understood,” he stated, while pointing out that the region must have “a compensation for being a carbon sink,” the Board indicates in a press release.

The counselor has defended that the opportunities in Extremadura “are infinite” and we must “take advantage of them and develop all the potential” to have a region “prosperous and full of initiatives and projects that generate employment and wealth.”

“Development is not incompatible with the conservation of the environment and for this we work daily in the Government of the Junta, so that Extremadura reaches its maximum expression without this entailing a decrease in the conservation and protection of our natural resources,” he said. highlighted.

For this reason, it has defended seeking a balance between development and conservation as one of the roadmaps of the government of the Junta de Extremadura to defend the region and its environmental assets along with the development of its maximum potential.

Finally, the counselor congratulated the organizers of the congress for its program “loaded with content of the utmost importance and quality” that addresses absolutely current topics.

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