The Union threatens to paralyze the harvesting of olives if a “decent” price is not reached

The Union of Extremadura has released a statement in which they assure that “if after the agreement of the industrialists a decent price is not paid for the olives”, the organization will once again “paralyze the collection”, as it did last year. In fact, it has sent a letter to the Chamber of Commerce of Cáceres to explain its position on behalf of the industrial sector in a price negotiation and “marginalizing” the interests of the producing sector.

«If as a consequence of this market agreement announced by Asexmac (Extremadura Association of the Manzanilla Cacereña Olive) the purchase prices of the olives were affected, we would once again call for protests and paralyze the collection of the same until an agreement is reached on a fair price for our product,” they reiterate in the statement.

And in the middle of this week the harvesting of the Manzanilla olives from Cáceres will begin. This year, due to the drought that Extremadura is suffering, only about 40 million kilograms of olives of this variety for the table will be harvested – as stated by the organization in the statement – ​​since the 60 million kilos of Carrasqueña olives for This year’s table will hardly be harvested “due to both the small size reached by the drought, and the high value of the oil that will cause said production to be diverted to oil production.”

Thus, both due to production costs and the reduction in production both in Extremadura and in the rest of the regions, the market price that this table olive is reaching in Andalusia is 1.50 euros per kilo for the Sevillian manzanilla. and 1.80 for the gordal variety.

The producing sector has assessed all the market circumstances and has assured that selling Manzanilla olives from Cáceres for less than 1.18 euros per kilo on average “would be a significant loss of producers’ income, especially taking into account that there is no supply of said product in the current campaign.

Hence, La Unión denounces that the attempt by the industrial sector, represented by Asexmac, to “impose a price lower than that dictated by the market and free competition, can only lead to conflicts in the northern regions of Extremadura, since the producers do not “We are willing to undersell our product for another year.”

Likewise, the organization also denounces “the falsehoods expressed in the Asexmac press release, since they imply the agreement of entities that are not in any way and that some of them have distanced themselves from the press release, especially the cooperatives “That, although they are part of the association, they did not sign the market agreement that reflects it.”

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