The Zafra Fair will have about 2,000 heads of livestock and 600 commercial exhibitors

Some 2,000 heads of cattle and almost 600 exhibitors will be present in Zafra during the International Livestock and 569 Traditional Fair of San Miguel, which will be inaugurated with the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, and the president of the Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, next Thursday, September 29, and which will last until October 4. It should be noted that this year the fair also celebrates 30 years since it was granted the international title.

The event was officially presented this Monday, September 26, by the mayor of Zafra and president of the Fair Entity, José Carlos Contreras; the commissioner of Fairs, Santiago Malpica; and manager Pedro Ramos.

It was the manager who offered the data and forecasts for the participation of livestock and professionals in this fair, “which after three years without being held as such, has had to be prepared for its launch, and will have a better operation if possible than in other editions,” said Pedro Ramos.

As for the livestock fair, the forecasts of the different associations exceed 1,7000 specimens of the different species that are present: sheep, cattle, pigs and horses, although finally, after the last minute tests, it could reach 2,000 heads cattle.

As a novelty, this year there will be the presence of new breeds, such as the Aberdeen Angus (Scotland) and Salers (France). Another novelty of this edition comes from the Merino association, which for four days, from Saturday, October 1 to Tuesday, October 4, will be in the promotional tent of the auction hall presenting a series of events that it has called ‘ Mundo Merino’ and which consists of showing both the meat products, dairy products and wool of this breed. Among the activities they will carry out are a butchering, a model parade and a talk and pairing closely related to cheese.

On Monday, October 3, the beef auctions will be held and on Tuesday, the 4th, the sheep auctions.

Regarding the trade fair, all exhibition areas are covered: the 6,000 meters of covered stands and the almost 50,000 meters of outdoor exhibition. There are 425 exhibitors among the covered pavilions and commercial tents and another 149 sellers of crafts and accessories. The manager estimates that in the end there will be about 600 exhibitors who will come to the fair to do their business and many of them will present their new products.

Professionalization of the fair

The Fairs Commissioner, Santiago Malpica, emphasized the importance of the professionalization of the Zafra fair, which is why during it different technical sessions and presentations are held for professionals from the different sectors that come together in it, both ranchers and industrialists.

Malpica took the opportunity to thank the Federation of Selected Breeds (Feagas) for the recognition that last June, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, gave to the FIG for the collaboration they have maintained throughout this time.

For his part, José Carlos Contreras showed his joy and satisfaction at holding a full fair again after three years, “the most crowded event in Extremadura and the south of the country,” said the mayor, who is convinced that this will be ” a good fair and one of the best years”, in which Zafra, with a population of close to 17,000 inhabitants, expects to receive more than a million visitors. Hence, the Local Security Board has established more than 1,000 troops, mainly from the Civil Guard, to ensure their safety.

The mayor wanted to highlight the modernization that continues to be carried out at the fairgrounds. On this occasion, an area of ​​10,000 square meters has been prepared and concreted for commercial exhibitors with municipal funds and with 100,000 euros subsidized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

“It is going to be a very powerful fair, it can be seen in the atmosphere and Zafra is prepared to host once again the most important livestock fair in Spain and one of the best in all of Europe,” concluded the mayor, encouraging residents to be “ambassadors” of this fair.

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