There will be no Goya for the series and they will not be at the Academy

The series will have a very difficult time competing in any category of the Goya Awards and to gain a place in the Film Academy. And the fact is that almost all the candidates to replace Mariano Barroso at the head of the institution that watches over our cinema in the elections on June 4 agree on the veto of these productions in the cinema house and on their awards.

It was revealed yesterday in an event in which the candidates led by Valérie Delpierre, 2018 Goya Award for best short documentary, participated; Luisa Gavasa, Goya in 2016 for best supporting actress for ‘The Bride’, director of Photography Teresa Medina; and the director, screenwriter and film critic Fernando Méndez-Leite.

«It is very positive that there are infrastructures that provide work for technicians, but if we talk about integrating candidates for best series in the Goya, we are not in favor. There are spaces for these series and they surely do not have to coexist in the Film Academy,” said Delpierre. Rafael Portela, of the Méndez-Leite candidacy, said that the “work” of the Academy is to “fight for cinema.” “This debate was already faced some time ago within the Academy and it was decided that we were cinema,” he said.

Screenwriter Virginia Yagüe (from Gavasa’s candidacy) also opted to focus on cinema “where there is still a lot to do.” “This is the home of Spanish cinema,” she noted. Medina’s candidacy was the only one that did not comment on the controversial issue in a “complex debate” that has been going on for a long time.

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