They ask for the resignation of Luis Planas after “noticing a 30% decrease in CAP payments”

The Community of Farmers and Ranchers of Almendralejo has confirmed that the amount of direct CAP payments has been reduced by an average of more than 30 percent, as evidenced by many farmers who have begun to receive aid in recent days.

Given this situation, this organization considers that the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, “has demonstrated clear incompetence to defend the Spanish countryside” and, consequently, “should resign to stop this debacle.”

This community remembers, through a press release, that last March it expressed its rejection of the new CAP, and warned that the new approach defended by the Government of Spain and that of Guillermo Fernández Vara, “would mean a important loss for the battered economy of farmers, who have to endure unaffordable input costs and rampant inflation.

Thus, even then he warned that “if until now farmers directly collected their right to the Basic Payment and the Green Payment – the Greening -, the former will be reduced for the vast majority of farmers due to the implementation of the so-called ‘convergence’. », points out this organization, which adds that in the case of the Green Payment, «it will depend on whether or not the farmer applies to one of the new eco-regimes.»

This would generate “in all cases a significant capital loss estimated at 30 percent,” and that “only in the case of resorting to cumbersome and expensive eco-regimes could it be mitigated, reducing these losses to 10 percent,” points out the Community of Farmers of Almendralejo.

For all this, the Community of Labradors regrets that “its worst predictions have come true”, and has accused the former Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory, Begoña García, of “lying”, when in January she said that “the reform of the CAP is a complete success for the Extremaduran countryside,” he points out.

Finally, the Community of Farmers and Ranchers of Almendralejo considers that Luis Planas is “a disastrous minister for the interests of agriculture in Spain”, since in their opinion, “instead of defending the interests of a decisive socioeconomic sector” for Extremadura and other regions, “has raised the green flag before the European Union, defenestrated Spanish farmers and looked the other way at the entry of products from third countries, often causing unfair competition,” he concludes.

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