Training gains ground at professional fairs

Trade fairs are a unique opportunity to carry out business transactions between all attendees, but also to train. Often, when visitors consult the programs, it is common to go to the end of these to find out details such as the list of exhibiting companies, but there are sections that are equally interesting for everything they contribute: the assemblies, exhibitions or presentations that the brands offer. as an alternative to the official programming.

For some, the attendees, it helps them learn about certain products or subjects in depth, as well as to expand their knowledge. To those who sit in front of them, companies or institutions, to show that same thing to an objective and concentrated audience.

But how to capture the attention of these attendees? «Looking for a differential theme. We do not offer you anything different if we talk about financing. “We are increasingly looking for days that are of interest to them and the viability of their farms.” This is how Pedro Herrera, territorial manager of the Agri-Food Business of Ibercaja Agro, expresses himself firmly.

THE PHRASESRamón Gil Cajamar«We understand that we must reach more and more people»José Mª Naranjo Tany Nature«We intend for there to be training parallel to the fair»

It is the first time that they opt for the training option at Agroexpo although they have previous experiences at other fairs. Yesterday they locked themselves in the Enrique García Margallo Guillén room, at the Extremadura Fair Institution, to talk about kiwi, an alternative crop to the traditional ones that brought together a group of farmers interested in hearing the testimony of those who have already paved the way in that sector, companies such as Landfruit Extremadura or Kibi Fruit Growing Quality.

“It is very good to accompany clients and potential clients who pass by the exhibitor, but this is offering them added value,” explains Herrera, who goes on to say that “the reception from the farmers is positive,” but the truth is that The influx of public depends a lot on the theme.

One way to expand visibility is to opt for a hybrid format, a solution that Cajamar has opted for for this edition. Thus, they have brought together in person in a round table experts on topics as diverse as crops, soil treatments or digitalization of the sector, among others, which have been followed through the Internet. «We understand that we must reach more and more people. This type of event allows those who pass by the fair not only to listen to us, but also to consult later, in a more leisurely manner, everything explained in these sessions. Also see them if you have not been able to attend,” details Ramón Gil, agri-food innovation coordinator at this banking entity.

FP Dual

For years, one of the fundamental pillars at Agroexpo has been Dual Vocational Training, providing scholarships to students with the best academic records in various agricultural areas. “With this we intend that within the scope in which the fair is currently located, they are not only exhibitors or visitors. to establish business relationships, but that there is parallel training to the fair that responds to the needs of the agroindustrial sector both in Extremadura and the rest of the country and outside its borders,” explains José María Naranjo, president of the organizing committee. of this fair.

There is nothing better than leading by example, so every year, several businessmen from Extremadura can count among their employees some of the best records in the region awarded at Agroexpo. A fruitful experience for Naranjo, who takes off his organizer hat to put on that of a businessman at Tany Nature and talks about his experience when it comes to having these young promises from the agricultural world “since the awards began it has been full employment; “The people who received scholarships in the three previous editions are with us on a permanent contract.”

A commitment that, summarizes José María Naranjo, “allows us to retain talent so that they continue to develop the potential they have in our companies and to banish the idea that this talent had to leave Extremadura because there were no opportunities here.”

Training plays an increasingly prominent role in professional fairs in any sector, thus combining corporate and business spaces with new training opportunities that benefit attendees and exhibitors.

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