UPA-UCE Extremadura claims exceptionality for cherry insurance in 2023

UPA-UCE Extremadura has considered “unacceptable” and has rejected “outrightly” the decision of Enesa and Agroseguro, compared to what was proposed by “the entire sector and the regional administration”, of not recognizing the exceptional nature of the damage caused by the rains. torrential rains in this cherry campaign in Extremadura, thus penalizing the farmers who had been insuring.

“If this reference year is used, Extremaduran cherry producers will have a very significant reduction in possible compensation in the coming years,” lamented the general secretary of the UPA-UCE, Ignacio Huertas. This decision was announced this Thursday during the National Regulatory Commission convened by Enesa.

Applying an exceptionality this campaign has as a precedent the decision that was adopted for Catalonia and Aragon due to a frost problem in fruit trees that they suffered in 2022, which is why UPA-UCE Extremadura has highlighted that it does not understand the decision of Enesa and Agroseguro to the time to not accept the problems that have arisen in Extremadura in this crop.

¬ęThe cherry suffered torrential rains in general for more than a month and its exceptional nature is recognized, both by the Ministry of Agriculture and by the Government of Extremadura, since both administrations have established extraordinary support measures due to the exceptional situation they have experienced. the Extremaduran cherry growers,” explained Huertas.

Given this, UPA-UCE Extremadura has urged the regional administration to intervene “at the highest level”, asserting the important economic support that the Board grants to agricultural insurance, and not allow “this injustice” to be committed that will expel a significant part of the farmers who had been carrying out this insurance, which will also hinder its growth, he highlighted in a press release.

Finally, the agricultural organization has indicated that it will study the legality of the new penalty system for this insurance since it aims to penalize farmers based on data from the last six years, when this line has only been in operation for five.

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