UPA-UCE urges the Board to pay the advance payment of PAC aid “as soon as possible”

The agricultural organization UPA-UCE Extremadura urges the Board to pay “as soon as possible” the advance payment of CAP aid to the 8,000 farmers and ranchers in the region who, according to what it indicates, are yet to be paid, since these farms “need liquidity “just like those who have already received payment.”

Thus, he points out that, although this advance does not represent “exceptional” aid, it does entail an “important” injection of liquidity for Extremaduran farmers and ranchers after a “catastrophic” year, fundamentally due to the weather, but also due to “problems.” such as epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHE).

In any case, in a press release, UPA-UCE Extremadura appreciates the work carried out by the officials and all the agents involved to be able to make the payment of this advance on the first established day, since it has been a “very complicated” CAP. manage and has required “efforts” from all parties to make the payment on time.

At the same time, UPA-UCE considers that, although Extremadura is the second community (only behind Castilla y León) that has received a greater percentage of surface area than that declared, there are ecoregimes in which the degree of reception has been ” very inferior.

The agricultural organization basically refers to the eco-regimes of vegetal or inert covers in woody crops, which in its opinion reveal the “need” to make modifications so that farmers in sectors such as olive groves or vineyards can take advantage of them. majority and do not lose an “important2” part of the support they need to continue.

Furthermore, and with respect to the reductions in aid that have been established in some eco-regimes, such as pastures (because “many more” hectares than expected have been received), UPA-UCE urges the administrations to guarantee the aid to the first hectares, thus benefiting family and professional farms and not large areas, which are the ones that have benefited “most” this year.

CAP payment

The Minister of Agriculture, Mercedes Morán, explained this Wednesday at a press conference the details of the advance payment of the CAP payments that were made last Monday, the 16th, which marked “the first day that it is possible to do so, without delay and without withholding anything so that the money is in the hands of those who need it most,” emphasized the person in charge of the area.

Thus, he specified that the Board has already paid 32,131 files, which represents almost 80% of the total number of possible recipients of the advance, for a global amount of 130.6 million euros.

“We all know the problems that the Extremadura countryside is going through and the CAP is a fundamental pillar of agricultural income, so for us it was essential to pay the advance as soon as it could be paid,” said Morán.

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